Type 1 Diabetes Wound Care

You won’t find this in any books, but it’s something I’ve used, and believed in, for 20 years. The more sugar in your blood, the higher the chance of infection in a wound… (OK, that one’s in all the books, but read on.)

So, whenever I get an open sore, that just won’t go away, I either take a needle and inject insulin all around the wound, just under the skin, or I take a waterproof band-aid and put insulin on the pad and stick it on the sore. In my opinion, which of course is the only one that matters, this drops the blood sugar in the affected area, which helps heal the wound faster. (Of course, the logic may be flawed, but it’s what I do, and I think it helps.)

When I thought this up in 1988, I talked to a Doctor at Loma Linda Medical Center and asked him if he knew where I could get a substance like petroleum jelly, that I could mix with insulin to make a topical solution that diabetics could apply to open wounds. I figured the mixture would help protect the wound, while at the same time decreasing healing time by increasing insulin in the area. (My favorite product now is Bag Balm, which I think would make a perfect base, if you could figure out how to mix oil and water…)

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