Survivor Night Dang It

OK, tonight’s Survivor, so I have to sit on the couch and drink Whiskey, so my diet’s going to be screwed for the day. I only had 600 calories today until now, but I just added 8oz of Whiskey to the list at Cronometer, and the calories for the day jumped to 1158.

But, I vacuumed for 1/2 hour today, so maybe I’m not in as much trouble as it seems I am. According to, just watching TV I use 2,297 calories, so I should have lost 1/3 of a pound, even without the vacuuming…


OK, maybe not! After the whiskey I got the munchies and did a number on a bag of popcorn and some chocolate. DAMN!


266 this morning, maybe yesterday wasn’t too bad after all. LOL


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