Too Quick Dumping Metformin

OK, I might have been a little too quick dumping the Metformin… While I was in Belize, I was only eating 2 means per day, and those were mostly fish and vegetables. And, I wasn’t eating any dairy or wheat, for what that’s worth. (I seem to blow up when I eat anything with wheat in it: from beer to bread, and it seems to take more insulin to knock down the sugars.)

Over the last 2 days, I’ve had 4 blood sugars over 300. That’s really fricken high for me, since I mostly keep under 200. (Of course I know how to fix them really quick, so I can keep down the vascular damage to my eyes etc… Just shoot the insulin directly into a muscle and them massage it for a minute. Shooing your insulin into muscle tissue, and then massaging it, can lower your blood sugar by more than 250 in an hour. (Don’t inject insulin into a muscle unless you really, really need to drop your blood sugar fast, or you can go into insulin shock in under half an hour.))

Another thing that might be causing the high blood sugars is that fact that I haven’t taken my Testosterone in a couple of weeks; and I usually take it every week. When I don’t take my Testosterone on a regular basis, my stomach quits working, and my Gastroparesis takes over.

Gastroparesis makes it so your food moves sporadically through your digestive tract, and when I had the test 20 years ago, my food moved 2 inches in 6 hours… What that means, is that you have lows when you take insulin for the food you just ate, then 8 hours later, you might have a super high blood sugar because the stupid food moved when you weren’t ready for it. That’s one of the things that Metformin actually seems to help with, since it seems to make your food move through your digestive tract in a more regular manner.

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