I Cheated The HCG Diet and Won!

Oh yeah baby, I just figured out how to really make this diet work. You know how I keep complaining about loading for three days so that there’s fat in your blood and you then don’t get hungry, and how I loaded but then didn’t do the diet, and I then gained weight? well I found a really cool way to dump weight over just a couple of days without loading first.

What I did was eat no fat for dinner and then take drops before I went to bed. Then, the next day I did the HCG diet and made sure I didn’t eat any fat. I took my drops 4 times that day and made sure I left them in my mouth for like a half hour at a time. Well, the next day when I weighed, I was down 7 lbs. I don’t care who you are, 7 lbs in 36 hours rocks.

I broke the diet last night, cause I couldn’t take it any moreBecause I was starving because I had a low blood sugar and probably because I hadn’t pre-loaded. since I was eating fat again, I didn’t take drops before dinner, or at bedtime. And, guess what? This morning, the 7 lbs was still gone. (And you can’t tell me it’s water weight, because I drank 3 litters of diet cola last night while eating about a pound of planters dry roasted peanuts. I also haven’t had any alcohol since Saturday, so I’m not dehydrated from drinking…)

So, if you need to drop 2.5% of your body weight in 2 days, try what I did and see if it works for you too. I’m going to try it again in a few days, and I’ll let you know if it works again.

Low Carb is Working

The low carb is working. I’m down 8 lbs in the last couple of weeks, and that includes one bad weekend that included donuts, potatoes, ice cream and frosted flakes… Luckily, not at the same time.

While the low carb diet doesn’t let me lose as fast as the HCG diet does, and I’m not noticing the belly shrink like it did on HCG, eating sausage and eggs for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and steak, veggies and salad for dinner is easier. I think when I get close to my ideal weight, say within 10 lbs, I’ll take the rest off using HCG, so that it’ll rearrange the fat on my body so I look normal. (HCG really does a good job of moving body fat to where it’s suppose to be.)

HCG vs. Low Carb

I just can’t do it… I keep trying, but I’m having a really hard time staying with HCG right now, even though the couple of days I lasted dropped me 4 lbs. I don’t know if I need to add some multi-vitamins, or what, but I’m craving foods that aren’t on the diet, and that just isn’t working for me right now. More than likely it’s a stress thing, but I know that when I’m like this, it just isn’t worth the effort.

Right now I have a bad shoulder, so i can’t do Jujitsu, and I hurt my foot, so I can’t walk the 3 to 6 miles a day that I’m used to walking, and business right now is a bitch. So I’m in pain and stressed out, which makes any kind of diet kind of out of the question… So I’m going to go back to low carb, which is every diabetic’s best friend. When I low carb, I know that I can have bacon and eggs for breakfast, a nice diet pop, protein powder and strawberry shake for lunch, and then have a rib eye, salad and grilled asparagus for dinner. (When you drizzle olive oil over asparagus, and then sprinkle it with sea salt, and grill it, it tastes like the cap on a rib eye, only a whole lot cheaper.)

The reason I say that low carb is a diabetic’s best friend is that the job of insulin is to get sugar into the muscles and brain, so they work, and then store the rest as fat. So, if you’re not eating any carbs, your blood sugar stays level and you don’t have to bolus for stuff you eat at mealtime. So, you lose weight, or at least don’t gain weight, as long as you stay with less than 20-40 grams of carb per day, depending on your metabolism.

I’ll let you know how it’s going…

HCG Diet: Don’ts

I like taking the HCG drops because they seem to work well with my testosterone and thyroid meds and also seem to make by  insulin work better. Ever since I did the HCG diet in October/November of 2010, my insulin needs are way down. But, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would do the diet again and get down to 235. I was sitting at around 255, so I figured I could get it done in a couple of weeks. Wrong!

What I did was take the HCG drops like I was on the diet, but I never actually went on the diet. So, instead of losing 20LBS, I gained 23LBS! I got on the scale this morning and weighed 278 LBS and I was up 2 holes on my belt. I knew of feeling like crap, but really, 23LBS in 2 weeks? LOL

So, I’m now on the HCG diet for real. I had an apple a half a pot of coffee for breakfast, and ate an apple after I walked 3 miles… I know that last time I dumped 30 LBS in 20 days, so I’m going to see if I can do that again.

Wish me luck… :)

Eating Fiber Lowers My Blood Sugars

I’ve been experimenting lately with oatmeal and beans. Of course I’m not eating them together, since I can’t even imagine that recipe…  LOL While on the surface oatmeal and beans both have a ton of carbs, when I eat them I don’t get the huge carb rush you’d expect. According to the second stage HCG diet stuff I’ve been reading, the fiber slows down the absorption of the carbs, and if you eat the fiber first, it makes you feel fuller faster, so you don’t eat as much.

Basically they’re just basing the second stage of the HCG diet on a low glycemic index diet. Foods that have a GI of 55 or less don’t spike your sugar, which lets you stay in better control of your diabetes. If you’re interested in eating carbs while taking less insulin, and being able to control your blood sugars better, read the Glycemic Index Cooking Made Easy cookbook by Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller, Kay Foster-Powell and Joanna McMillan-Price. (WOW! There’s some women who didn’t want to give up who they were. LOL I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much hyphenation before.)

HCG Diet Before and After Pictures

I said I’d post some before and after pictures from the HCG diet, so here they are.

And yeah, I know I looked happier in the first picture, but that’s because the cup had vodka and diet coke in it. The second diet picture was after a long day at work.

My doctor’s nurse told me today that she couldn’t believe that I’d dropped so much weight. She said that someone had told her that the HCG was $800 per month; which isn’t true. I suppose it could be true if you wanted it to be, but if you’re going to throw that kind of money at the diet, then email me first, and I’ll get you the drops AND the shots for only $600 per month. Of course, the truth is you can get enough drops for 45 days for around $30, and a bottle of the medical grade HCG for around $150.

My wife is currently injecting HCG, and we got that from the doctor. She saw the medical grade injectable HCG from India, for around $75, but there was no way in hell I was going to shoot up something I got in the mail from a third world country. (OK, second world country… But I still ain’t shooting it. LOL) My local Medicine Shop ordered mine, and I just went in and got it from them; along with the syringes.

Humalog vs. Novolog

Sometimes, as a diabetic, and a human being, I hate my health insurance company. I pay them $20,000 per year for 3 adults and 2 kids, and they can’t even get me my fricken insulin without screwing it up. I went to get my insulin at the pharmacy today, and my wonderful insurance company said that they weren’t going to pay for it.

Their new drug formula, or whatever it’s called, says I have to use Novolog now, instead of the Humalog I’ve been taking since they invented the stuff. While some Humalog vs. Novolog Studies say they’re pretty close to each other, the studies also say that “Results May Vary By Personal Physiology”. Well, my physiology is really screwed up, and I’ve been using Lilly’s Insulins for over 32 years, so I’m pretty sure that this change is going to screw with my health… (did I say that I hate my insurance company yet?)

So, basically, what it comes down to is that I’m afraid. I haven’t had an insulin reaction since the summer of 1990, that’s 21 years people, and since every insulin reaction messes with your brain, do I really want “Them” to be f*cking with my insulin now? (Did I say I hate my health insurance company yet?????)

Side Note on HCG

Just a side note. The HCG constipates the heck out of me, but it really seems to help with my insulin uptake. Does anyone else notice that they need less insulin when taking HCG, even if they’re not dieting? I started taking it again during the 2 days prior to my weekly testosterone shot, because it’s suppose to keep your body in better balance…

HCG Weight Loss

I never did finish the HCG story, because the stupid website broke, and it was using so much bandwidth I had to kill the site. (Of course the site’s not really stupid, I am! I finally decided to do something about it today, and I had it fixed in about 2 hours.)

I did the HCG diet for 3 weeks and lost 30 lbs. I actually lost 20 lbs in the first 10 days, then got bored and started eating more. I obviously eat as a recreational hobby, because I wasn’t really hungry on the diet, so it does work. And, since I’m so active, I actually ate around 1500 calories a day on the HCG diet, not the 500 calories per day you’re supposed to eat. I did this because I was burning an extra 2000 calories a day walking, swimming and doing Jujitsu, so even though I was cheating on the calories, I was running a 500 calorie per day deficit. (By the way, it’s really hard to type HCG, because it keeps coming out HTC, which is making me hungry for some reason… LOL)

As a type1 diabetic doing the HCG diet, I have a few things to say to other diabetics who are thinking of doing this diet. The first one is “Just Do It!”. When I started this diet I weighed 295 lbs and was taking 60 units of Lantus each night, followed by 1 unit of insulin for every 3 grams of carb I ate. When I finished the diet, I was taking 32 units of Lantus per day, and that was all. I was kind of brittle for a little while after the diet, while I figured out my new insulin to carb ratio, which is now about 1 unit per 10 carbs (When I eat carbs, which I rarely do now), but everything is working better now.

I’m now sitting at about 260 lbs, and am working on getting down to 235-240. I should be able to get there over the next couple of months by doing another round of the HCG diet, and by keeping my exercise level high. I’m not currently swimming, but I’m walking up and down the hills around my house every day for 80-90 minutes, and I’ve added a 40lbs pack so that my legs keep their same size, shape and strength. (I’m a ski patroler, so the extra leg strength helps.) The Jujitsu is kicking my ass, literally, so I may have to drop it if I get any more banged up, but we’ll see, since it’s also a kick in the ass to do…

Check back, and drop me any questions you may have about Type1 Diabetes, by visiting our contact page.

HCG And Type 1 Diabetes

I started taking HCG a couple of days ago. HCG is a hormone that pregnant women get that releases the fat in their body to feed their babies. It’s also used on a really low calorie diet, because the HCG makes it so you don’t feel hungry. I’m still in the starting phase of the diat, where you eat anything and everything you can get your hands on to fill your blood full of fat so you’re not hungry. I’ll let you know how it goes…