Time To Diet Again

It’s been a year since I did the last diet, and I’ve gained about 15 lbs over what I weighed at the beginning of the year. So, I broke out the bottle of HCG and the Tony Little Gazelle, and I’m ready to go. LOL

The tools I use to keep track of everything, are the Cronometer.com website, and the fat burner calculator at fatburn.com. At the Cronometer site, you can keep track of all your foods and calories, and input any extra exercising you’ve done by pulling the numbers from fatburn.com. That way you can clearly see your net calorie intake, and graph your weight. You can also keep notes on the site, and if they don’t have the foods you’re currently eating, you can add your own really easy.

This morning I ate 4 little links and drank a pot of coffee… OK, that was a lie, it’s only 10am and I’m up to two pots already. But who cares, water’s good for your, right? (28 calories for 12 cups of black coffee, Cronometer’s drop down list fricken has about every food in America that’s got an FDA label on it. Man it makes keeping track of stuff easy.)

I then did 30 minutes of moderate exercise on the Gazelle, and according to fatburn.com, I burned 481 calories. So, right now I’m at a negative 249 calories. But, when I looked at the chart, 86% of my calories came from fat from the little links, so I’m going to have to dump those things in the future.

I’ll stick a picture up from today, so we can see if I actually look any different as we go along, or so we can see when I cheat, cause cheating on the HCG diet will pack pounds on faster than anything else I’ve ever done.

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